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Friday, October 25 – Cinema City: Not New York!

Cinema City: Not New York – Friday, October 25 – 6:30 pm

Tickets Available Now – $20 General Admission$15 Members (Join Today!)

The City Reliquary’s Fall event series, Cinema City, continues on Friday, October 25! Presented by Screen Slate contributor and NYC trivia expert (part of the reigning Panorama Challenge championship team!) Cosmo Bjorkenheim, each Cinema City program will explore New York City’s many and varied depictions in film through clips and discussion. From early Edison experiments to recent blockbusters, studio standards to cult favorites, you’ll see New York in a whole new light!

Our second Cinema City program, in Halloween-adjacent fashion, collects instances of other cities in unconvincing New York City costumes. Some film productions have cut costs by filming in Toronto or Cincinnati and dressing up the set to resemble our fair city. While often every effort is taken to create a convincing faux New York, sometimes this aspect of design is completely neglected (like the distinctive Vancouver SkyTrain posing as the NYC subway in Jason Takes Manhattan, or Melbourne’s checkered squad cars standing in for NYPD cruisers in Knowing). This program will explore these and other egregious examples of Not New York as well as appearances of places that have become permanent New York City sets, like the neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati which frequently stands in for 1950s NYC.

Your ticket includes a specially designed menu of themed snacks created by Lucia Jazayeri and Anna Gelb, a.k.a. Forest Dinners! Lucia is the Creative Director for Clover Food Lab. Anna is the Director of Events for Outstanding in the Field. You’ll also receive a drink from our friends at Brooklyn Brewery! (Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.)