Volunteer With Us!

The City Reliquary is a small, homegrown organization that depends on community members to make its magic happen. We are always looking to meet New Yorkers who are passionate about local history and eager to share it. If that sounds like you, consider joining the ranks of our dedicated volunteer team!

Our volunteers have a deep love for New York, a sense of curiosity, and an interest in working with the public. City Reliquary volunteers commit to working at least 6 hours a month. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older.

If you fit this description, and any of the areas below sound like a match for your talents, we’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at [email protected]. Thank you, and stay civic!

Museum Docents

Museum docents staff the City Reliquary on Saturdays and Sundays, 12 pm to 6 pm. They greet visitors and process admissions, explain the museum’s mission, and introduce them to the collections and exhibits.


  • Opening or closing museum
  • Greeting visitors and explaining the City Reliquary mission
  • Processing museum admissions, donations, and gift shop purchases in Square
  • Interpreting select objects within the collection for visitors; telling funny, sad, interesting, bawdy, or unknown stories
  • Closing the museum at end of day


The City Reliquary hosts a variety of public programs and special events. Events volunteers primarily support a variety of logistical and technical needs for programs. We also welcome volunteers with an interest in curating and producing programs.


  • Setting up/breaking down events
  • Greeting guests; playing host or hostess
  • Processing event admissions and donations in Square
  • Checking tickets or guest lists for ticketed events
  • Assisting with A/V setup
  • Managing concession sales/donations

Special Project Leads

Experienced volunteers may apply to become project leads on a variety of special projects.  While we’ve outlined some needs below, we welcome proposals and ideas—if you have a special skill that you would like to share with us, please let us know!

Current Projects:

  • Graphic design (print or web)
  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Collections management
  • Program development
  • Landscaping
  • Art installation
  • Photography (events or studio)
  • ??? (seriously, you tell us)

Email [email protected] with your preferences and availability, and we’ll be in touch to set up an interview. Thank you!