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Redefining “native New Yorker”

cache_4094891730Redefining “Native New Yorker”
Thurs., Feb. 23 @ 7:30 PM
$10/$8 Reliquary members

For many people, the term “native New Yorker” usually refers to someone born and raised in one of the five boroughs. While this is one way of understanding what it means to be a native in New York, this group of presentations and performances will offer a broader and more inclusive look.

Three guests will discuss different ways of understanding native culture in NYC:

Matt Levy, a Brooklyn-born New Yorker and co-owner of the Levy’s Unique New York! tour company. He will share a vibrant history of how New York City has become a place of tolerance, multilingualism, ambition, and drive.

Ryan Victor “Little Eagle” Pierce, a member of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation and Founder and Artistic Director of The Eagle Project. He will perform a Lenape prayer song and some of his poetry, including “Survivor of Genocide.” The Lenape land included southeastern New York State as well as all of what is now New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware and a small section of southeastern Connecticut.

Our final guest is Kaina Quenga. Kaina Quenga is a native Hawaiian, from Hawaiʻi and lives in New York City.  She will share a performance of traditional Hawaiian Hula and chant.

Space is limited! Reserve your seat now!

This event is part of Beyond Patience & Fortitude, a series sponsored by The City Reliquary to promote advocacy and civic action while celebrating the diversity of NYC.