The Crowning of Miss G Train


THis THurd THursday is the BIG event!!!
$5 at the door- will get you a night you won’t forget!

Thursday November 19th 7-10 PM is the first ever…
****************Miss G Train Pageant!!!**************
at the City Reliquary Museum & Civic Organization
370 Metropolitan Ave at Havemeyer St.
(take the G train to Metropolitan Ave!)

The Crowning of Miss G Train!
Music by;
DJ Stacher spinning from our Treehouse DJ Booth all night!
& “The G-Train” sung by “Chip and the Crosstown Express”
“Being a G in New York” video by “Fernando”
Special Guest judges:
Fiona Gardner, “Miss Subways” photographer
Abbie Borod, Beauty Pageant Coach
Ed Coffey, NYC transit expert
and stunning 3-minute performances from 6 of our 12 Semi-Finalist Miss G Trains!
and of course, beverages by the Brooklyn Brewery!

Is the G train your local subway that you love to hate? Or hate to love? Do you ride it everyday to work, to see a loved one, or out on the town in one (or two) of the “outer” boroughs?
The G train is perhaps the most under appreciated train in the system. It has some of the most unpredictable and slowest service, sketchiest platforms, and rails that refuse to turn westward to the “high society” of Manhattan. Yet, there are still some G train love stories out there. We need it. We rely on it. No matter how bad it gets, the G train is truly a train “FOR THE PEOPLE”. We G-trainers are a breed that truly rely on our beloved and despised line. The G is the quintessential underdog of our transit system. Bringing attention to this too-often neglected line can only make it better!!!
And that is why The City Reliquary, museum-for-the-people, will host a spectacular PAGEANT to crown the first ever “Miss G Train”.

Following in the New York transit history of the “Miss Subways” contests, and corresponding with our current City Reliquary exhibition, Meet Miss Subways – a study of the former Miss Subways past and present by photographer Fiona Gardner, we have been collecting submissions from numerous G train riders who are all vying to become the first ambassador of the last remembered line in the MTA system. Competition to become the first Miss G Train is RIGHT ON TRACK! And, its up to OUR Semi-Finalists to decide just what Miss G Train is! This contest will truly show the diversity of the ridership which uses this line, because we are leaving it to the contestants to define just what being Miss G Train is all about!
We hope to see you there as we crown the first ever Miss G Train on Thursday night!

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12 Responses to “The Crowning of Miss G Train”

  1. Ryan says:

    Chelsea Tapper for Miss G Train

  2. Sam says:


  3. Sam F says:

    Props to Anne S, the HOT-HOT-HOTTEST Miss G Train!

  4. Marta Brojakowska says:

    I would like to vote for Chealse Tapper for Miss G Train

  5. J Tesoriero says:

    I would like to vote for Chealse Tapper for Miss G Train

  6. Alan Zaino says:

    I would like to vote for Chelsea Tapper for Miss G Train.

  7. MJ says:

    Gotta have “Mr. G” (Channel 11-WPIX-TV) emcee…or at least pick up the story!

  8. Anne S says:

    I am honored to have been selected as a Miss G Train semifinalist. I promise to give my unfettered opinion on gay marriage.

  9. Dave says:

    One amazing Miss G Train Crown
    One amazing Miss G Train Sash
    One amazing bouquet of flowers
    Limitless pride, fame, and joy!!!

  10. Lee says:

    Are there prizes?

  11. Maureen McGuire says:

    This is so awesome! I would die to participate. Unfortunately, I ride the L train and I have class on Thursday. I walk by the City Reliquary on my way to the gym all the time. I love the Miss Subways display and was tempted to follow her example and lie about riding the G train. Good luck contestants!! You are my heroes!