Wednesdays with a “W” Art Party: Westerns!

The City Reliquary proudly presents:
Wednesdays with a “W”: Westerns!
Wed. Aug. 24, @ 7PM
Tix: $7

Skippiddy doo da! From the producers of “Wednesdays With Weddings,” “Wednesdays With Wormholes” and “Rambo: First Blood” comes “Wednesdays With Westerns!” A fantabulous interactive art experience that will make you feel like kicking saloon doors, spitting a mouthful of tobacco on the floor and yelling “There’s a new sheriff in town!”

And the sheriff could be you (if you play your cards right)! Just participate in the myriad of western-themed games and dance competitions we´ll have and you´ll even be able to throw people in jail! What funnnnnn!!!!

Acts and activities include:
★ Horseshoes!
★ Live Music by Charming Disaster!
★ New Old-fashioned Western Stand-off by Lillian Rosetti & Jenny Portney!
★ Brothel of the Mind by John Gross!
★ Texas Butoh Performance with Leah Marie Beltran, Jonathan Kopp, Jacquelyn Marie Shannon, & Kate Trammel!
★ Cigarette-rolling Contest!
★ Wild Western Poetry by Kevin Ritter!
★ Magic Lantern Show Fantascope with booth-person Mitchell Murdock!
★ Projected Trailer Park Mood Photography by Erin O’Shea!
★ Songs About Birds & Ghosts by Elisa Flynn!
★ Musical Meditations on Westerness by Confetti Armor!
★ Live Wanted Poster Painting by Omer Gal!
★ Frontier Druggist by Stephanie Guedalia!
★ Photobooth (with costumes) by Brandon Perdomo!
★ Palm Reading and Oracle by Tarot Society!
★ Hog-tying Contest!
★ Line-dancing!
★ Theatrical Happenings and Hap-nots by Special Guests (!)
★ Classic Country, Western Swing and Rockabilly Jams by WNYU’s The Wren and The Rye!
…And much much morrrrrrrreeee!!!!!

Also featuring:
MC Claudi of Pinc Louds!!!

Come in a western-themed costume and get a free shot of whiskey or tequila! Party starts at 7pm SHARP (even must finish at 10pm so come earrrrly!!)

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