The City Reliquary Museum will be Closed in light of COVID-19

Dear friends and neighbors,

Today, the City Reliquary Museum will join the host of countless museums citywide by closing our doors to help encourage our fellow citizens to stay in place and fight the COVID-19 pandemic. While we recognize the strength of our community to come together in times of tragedy, we also support the science that warns us of the very real threat to health and safety that we are now facing. Our city will stay strong and weather this viral outbreak soon, but for now we can all do our part to make that sooner than later.

As a history museum, we recognize the significance of this outbreak as history in the making. You may have recently learned of the importance of “flattening of the curve”. Is all of this public action necessary? NYC history proves it is! The time is now to act as a true community, and act together by being alone.

By refraining from visiting our beloved cultural institutions for a limited time, we all help to free a little space on the crowded subways, buses, and streets for the doctors, nurses, and first-responders who could use a little extra room to work right now. We’ll help reduce the draw on our supply chain of goods, and save the sanitizers, disposable paper products, latex gloves, and N95 masks for the service providers that need them the most. We’ll self-ration the food and products we do have and share with our neighbors to make sure there is enough for all.  

Our responsibility as New Yorkers and citizens of the world is not one to be taken lightly now.  Help us do the right thing now, and when we all come back together to celebrate the passing of this public health threat, please come back to the City Reliquary Museum. We will be here with you, neighbor. Until then, stay safe, healthy, and civic!

Always civic,

Dave Herman

Founder, City Reliquary Museum and Civic Organization

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