Show and Tell- Month of May

In honor of the return of Third Thursdays, I wanted to share some stories from previous Show and Tells that never quite made it to the blog.

These three women all came to Show and Tell together in May and shared three of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard. These women know how to spin a tale.

The woman on the left brought a silver feather necklace to share with the Reliquary. Every summer, she makes her way out West to help with the set-up and break-down of the Burning Man festival. One year while working in the desert she lost one of a pair of silver feather earrings. While working at the festival, however, she did find the necklace that she brought to Show and Tell. She thought it was serendipity that she found this feather necklace after loosing one of her earrings and gave up on looking for the missing jewelry. Fast forward to the following year, when she was back in the Black Rock Desert, telling someone about the missing earring and the found necklace over a game of cards. The person she was playing cards with mentioned finding an earring the year before when working at Burning Man, but did not know if it was with her this year. As it turns out, she did bring it and our visitor was reunited with her missing earring, only to then lose it again in the desert.

The woman in the middle brought a picture of the first person she ever slept with. That story is perhaps best left with the people who were at Show and Tell that night.

And, finally, the woman on the right brought a piece of heart-shaped stone from Athena’s temple in Greece with her. Originally, she was supposed to travel with someone she was seeing. When that relationship fell through she went to Greece alone. Needless to say she was feeling rather lonely when walking around the numerous monuments alone. That was when she saw this heart-shaped piece of stone in Athena’s temple. Ignoring the “Caution: Do Not Touch” signs in various languages, she took the piece of rock and stuffed it in her purse. (Upon asking a friend in the field, it turns out that the piece of stone would most likely have been thrown out. So, she feels less bad about taking it.)

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