Show and Tell- Buckfast

Last night, Show and Tell returned from its summer hiatus with a bang! Many great stories were shared, but one stood out. Two of our guests were visiting from Ireland and brought their favorite alcohol, Buckfast, with them to share with the friends who were hosting them. They also chose to share some with the Show and Tell crowd.

While drinking the Buckfast, the pair told many hilarious stories about the drink. According to them, it is the Four Loko of Ireland; it has more caffeine and alcohol than any other drink sold. They used to drink it while playing late nights in a 16 person 90’s cover band, of which they shared a rap with Show and Tell. After they finished with many hilarious stories, someone from the audience asked, “Where can you get this in Ireland?” To which the visitors answered that you had to go to the liquor store because if the bars sold it they wouldn’t be standing anymore.

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