Opening Reception – Greetings From The City of New York

Friday Feb 15th
6-9pm, FREE! Donation appreciated.
At the City Reliquary, 370 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn Beer Available for donation

Join us to celebrate the newest exhibit in the back room of the City Reliquary! Starting Friday, February 15th, we are proud to present Greetings From The City of New York, a plethora of picture postcards from the collection of Lon Black, each one reversing the clock to the turn of the 20th century.

The exhibit is curated by Lon Black whose interest in postcards began in his early teens. All the postcards featured in the exhibit are from his personal collection. He started collecting New York City views after moving here 32 years ago. Always looking for the unusual or rare postcard, his focus was acquiring images he had never seen. But in the past several years, he has paid more attention to the words or pictures that people wrote on the images of the undivided back cards.

Selected for this show are New York City postcards with messages that refer to the picture and/or express a sentiment about the City. Some are humorous. Some are evocative. The marriage of the message and picture can animate the postcards with personality. Some can inspire the imagination and elicit an emotional charge. They are nothing less than a ticket to a time traveling experience.

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