Ocean Music & Marcus Jade in the CR Garden!

Ocean Music


The City Reliquary proudly presents:
Ocean Music & Marcus Jade
Sat., Aug. 13 @ 7 PM
Tix: $5

Ocean Music is a raucous and rousing live band led by Richard Aufrichtig. The band draws inspiration from sources as varied as the Chilean author Roberto Bolaño, thirteenth-century troubadour and Minnesinger lyrics, Gregorian chants, the Major and Minor arcana of the Tarot, Zen Koans, Child Ballads, and modern day celebrities of the new-song movement. While composing the six songs in this thematic cycle, Aufrichtig ran the Williamsburg Community Circus arts festival. Mostly through his curation of this festival, he encountered five other musicians who feature prominently on this recorded album, all of whom bring distinctive elements into its sonic world. These musicians are: Benjamin Engel, Jack Randall, Ben Seretan, Alice Tolan-Mee, Trevor Wilson and Ethan Woods – all lead artists in formidable groups of their own.

“…an explosive update on Replacements-Pixies-Van Morrison…” – Anearful

Give them a listen on their Bandcamp page, and RSVP to the Facebook event!

Brooklyn-based Indianapolis native Marcus Jade will play an opening set of blues and folk tunes off his album Black Life Blues.




Thanks to our sponsors at Brooklyn Brewery!

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