My Heart Goes Piddly Patter Patter

Last night, due to some technical difficulties, we were unable to watch The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Instead, the options were Some Like It Hot, the classic mushy Marilyn Monroe movie, or Sinbad, which involves swords.

In the midst of this perilous decision making process, visitors walked in who, fortunately, had four DVDs with them. Also, fortunately for the City Reliquary, all of these movies promised themes of love and violence, which were also in our original decision of film, The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. After it was put to a vote, it was finally decided that we would watch Delirium, a 1950s film about a woman who becomes a beatnik and goes on a murder-spree.

After some adjustments with the screen and projector, the movie begun and the audience became like an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Many jeers were had at the movie’s expense and a good time was had by all.

With that, the City Reliquary would like to wish you a Happy belated Valentine’s Day.

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