Item #16 submitted by Will Pappenheimer

“I grew up learning Cello and I used a tuning fork every day to tune the A string. It is activated by striking it against a hard object and then touching it to an instrument or surface. Upon contact the note seems to emanate from deep within the instrument, or from everywhere. After 9/11 I was exploring the Islamic architectural influences of the towers design when someone mentioned the similarity of the arches at the base of the towers to the shape of a tune fork. I came to think of the towers as the double ends of a giant tuning fork with its base buried deep into the ground. A year ago I was moving my parents into assisted living and cleaning out the last house they would own. On a last tour of their home I discovered this tuning fork in a black case lying in the corner of a room. It is more than likely the very tuning fork I used as a child. When Philippe Petit, the tight ropewalker who illegally transversed the tops of the World Trade Centers, stepped off the first building and onto the wire he reported that the strongest sensation was the vibration or hum of the buildings. These associations, transversing memories, make my memorial, musical towers.”

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