Community Collections: The Animal Bones of Jamison Heldrich

Opens December 8, 2016

The City Reliquary proudly presents the Community Collections display of animal bones from Jamison Heldrich. The arrangement of these bones emphasizes their symmetry and demonstrates the inherent beauty in things typically associated with death and the macabre.

Jamison’s collection began with a small skull found during a visit to a farm with a few friends. Since then, she’s grown her collection, finding bones in hiking trails, garages, barns, and the occasional Brooklyn basement. With the exception of a few items that were gifted, Jamison found all of the bones herself. None of the bones are from animals that were hunted or otherwise killed for their parts. Jamison likes to say that her collection is entirely “vegan” since no animals were harmed in order to obtain them (and Jamison herself is a practicing vegan).

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