From the Vault- 1939 World’s Fair

In the second edition of From the Vault, we will be looking at the 1939 World’s Fair, which was held in Flushing Meadows, Queens. As the above picture indicates, our basement is a dark cave full of many mysterious things. Like Disney’s Vault or your grandmother’s attic, you never know what surprises will be found or brought out next. While rummaging around in near-darkness, I came across a box marked “1939 World’s Fair.” It was tucked behind a two-person bicycle and some tripods. While the City Reliquary does have some objects on display currently from this World’s Fair, our space just doesn’t allow for everything in our collection to make it into the display cases. Thanks to this blog, the cool stuff that can’t make it there is still making it’s way to you!

This artifact was given out as a souvenir from the Fair. Complete with lines on the back to add an  address, you could ship this packet of photos back to family members  who were unable to make the trip with you to New York.

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