February 26th, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Happy Presidents’ Day! When current presidential turmoil troubles you, turn to the folks at The City Reliquary. We’ve been working hard on the new City Reliquary Museum at 370 Metropolitan Ave. While we aren’t yet fully prepared to open our doors, we would like to offer you a special event to honor presidents, collectors, artists, and of course most importantly, our beautiful new windows!

The City Reliquary Inaugural Sidewalk Reception FEATURING:

Pedro Genao’s Abraham Lincoln Statue
Christy Gast’s Collectible Presidential Plates
Honoring the first African-American female presidential candidate, Charlene Mitchell
The new City Reliquary windows at
370 METROPOLITAN AVENUE at Havemeyer Street
Sunday, February 26th beginning promptly at 12:00 noon

Civic pride, honorary degrees, and delicious refreshments.

Our featured presentation will include:
A special appearance by our honored guest, CHARLENE MITCHELL.
Ms. Mitchell, the first African-American woman to run for President, represented the Communist Party in 1968. A civil rights activist for over 50 years, Ms. Mitchell is also the founding National Coordinator of the Committee of Correspondence for Socialism and Democracy. She serves as national co-chair of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, the organization that grew out of the campaign to free Angela Davis. A portrait of Ms. Mitchell was included in a large wall mural called “When Women Pursue Justice,” which was recently completed by Artmakers, Inc. at 498 Greene Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant. She will be honored with a special presentation by our presenter of Presidential Plates, Christy Gast.

In honor of the 2004 campaign season, Ms. Gast created a set of Limited Edition Lady Presidential Candidates Collectible Plates, featuring the first ten women to run for President. The candidates and their stories are largely unknown, although a number of them were major players in their times. Some of those included are: Victoria Woodhull, whose running mate was Frederick Douglass, was the first female stockbroker on Wall Street. Margaret Smith, Shirley Chisholm, Bella Abzug, and Patsy Mink all served in the legislature in the mid-twentieth century, and Charlene Mitchell, a native New Yorker, has been a civil rights activist and union leader for 50 years. Thanks to Melissa Memory, Rodney Harrison, and Kevin Harper for generously lending their collections of original collectible Presidential Plates.

PEDRO GENAO’s Life-size Abraham Lincoln Statue made of 100% hand-felted wool.
Pedro moved to New York in 1992 from the Dominican Republic and soon became employed as a Maintenance Technician at the Steiner School, a part of the Waldorf school system. There he watched some of the teachers’ craft presentations working with wool. He has since taught himself many finer techniques of NEEDLE FELTING and is now considered to be easily among the best in his field. The Abraham Lincoln statue presented in our windows was created by Pedro during the course of 3 years and over 300 hours. Pedro estimates that the statue was pointed with a single needle over 3 million times. As he should be, Abraham is standing tall at over 6 feet 4 inches not including his 9-inch top hat and supports his own weight with absolutely NO INTERNAL ARMATURE.

This FRIDAY February 24th, our hometown news channel NY1 will feature a story about the City Reliquary, LIVE at 7am, 8am, and with recorded highlights throughout the day.

The Grand Opening Celebration of the City Reliquary Museum and the 2nd Annual Collector’s Night, at Union Pool.

We’ll keep you posted with the final dates for these two exciting events!
Thank you for your support.

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