Collectors Night

Collector’s Night 2014

Collectors Night 2014Thursday, July 17 at 7:00pm
Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn, New York 11201)
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People say that if something exists, someone somewhere probably collects it. City Reliquary, Brooklyn’s beloved community museum, hopes so! It’s time to dust off your own quirky collection for our annual Collector’s Night hosted by Brooklyn Historical Society.

Not a collector yourself? Enjoy performances, presentations, and stories from some of the best off-the-wall collections New York City has to offer!

Share Your Collection! Register by emailing [email protected]

Proceeds from Collector’s Night benefit The City Reliquary and the Brooklyn Historical Society

Collectors Night 2013

Tuesday April 23rd | 8-10pm
At the Brooklyn Brewery
79 N. 11th street, Williamsburgh.
$15 entry, includes 1 free beer token.
All funds raised benefits the City Reliquary

Come join the coolest bunch of collectors you know and marvel at their gathered geekery! Various collectors will be presenting their wares in the tap room of the Brooklyn Brewery. Hosted by Paul Lukas of Show and Tell Night.

Emcee Paul Lukas

Liz Clayton’s Monkey Island Postcards

Kat Mikuliak’s collection of “Employees Must Wash Hands” photos

Kyle Supley’s 1970’s Polyester Disco Shirt collection

Chas’ Historic NYC postcard collection

David’s Found Photo collection of Men on Bicycles

David and Lori Brown’s collection of Collection of circa-1907 Inspirational Motto Postcards printed in Red

Paul Martino’s Lego Collection

Heather McCabe’s “Ask me About” button collection

Miss Traceys Oil Can collection.

presentations by
Lon Black of the Bad Pistcards Blog
Tom Stathes: Collection of 16mm cartoons
Kyle Supley: Home Videos of Himself as a Young Collector

Collectors Night is an Open Call to all collectors out there to participate in our Show and Tell night. If you have a collection that you would like to display, please contact Matt Levy with a description and snapshot of the collection you’d like to display.

Collector’s Night: Pilgrimages

For those who have yet to attend, on the third Thursday of every month the City Reliquary Museum hosts an event called “Collector’s Night.” Here, people are invited to bring in an object that has an particularly interesting story and share with the rest of the group.

As Paul, the event’s host, demonstrated, the item can be anything from something you carry around every day to an object fragile enough to rarely leave the house. For his example, Paul showed veteran and first-time collectors how something he has carried on his key-chain for over twenty years can still be intriguing.

After Paul’s introduction, this Collector’s Night first-timer shared something from her personal collection that, unlike Paul’s coin, rarely leaves her house.

After taking a series of self-described “soul-sucking jobs,” this visitor felt like she needed a break from city life as well as her employers. Through intensive research, she came across El Camino de Santiago de Compostela, or The Way of Saint James. This pilgrimage can begin in one of several places and ends at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain, where it is said that a piece of the True Cross is held in their reliquary as well as the bones of Saint James the Apostle.

During each pilgrim’s trek, they have to bring a booklet, which they get stamped at several checkpoints. In order to be allowed to continue on your pilgrimage you must have your paper stamped by the previous stops. This paper is what this collector chose to bring in for the night.

At over 500 miles long, the pilgrimage can take both a physical and emotional toll on those who choose to undertake it. While our guest did not walk the entire path, she did describe how she was changed for the better in the bit that she did walk. In addition to meeting new people, she also changed her outlook on life and her career choices. While she did return to the same type of job that she held before the pilgrimage, she did come to look at it in a new way and appreciate the work she was doing.

For more information on El Camino de Santiago de Compostela visit this website.

2nd Annual Collectors’ Night 2006

Sunday, April 9th at 5:00 PM
If you thought the Grand Opening of the City Reliquary Museum was a big event… You haven’t seen
anything yet!
Collectors’ Night 2006 has been rapidly shaping up to easily surpass last year’s expectations. There will be
collectors of all kinds setting up their displays for your enjoyment and a special presentation which will give
amazing new insite to the wide world of collecting. Union Pool has agreed to open up their entire space to
allow for the displays to expand into the front room as well as the outdoor area (weather permitting). This
has allowed us to accept some incredible last minute additions to the line up of collectors. I assure you,
this year’s event is not to be missed! All the information is just below.
Hope to see you Sunday.
Always civic,

The 2nd Annual Collectors’ Night 2006
Sunday April 9th
Doors open at 5:00 PM
at Union Pool 484 Union Av. @ Meeker St.
in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn
Admission: $10

Ornithologist Mary Lecroy presents THE BOWER, a Collecting Bird
Performance artist LuLu LoLo explains the COLLYER BROS.
A presentation of Allen Koenigsberg’s vintage TALKING MACHINES
Dozens of Collectors’ DISPLAYS on-site
Collectors’ Panel Discussion and Show & Tell
And much, much more!!!

Collector Portrait 003

Christina Ray is a co-founder of the brilliant on-line project called “Glowlab.” She also collects “Dead Umbrellas” from the streets in our neighborhood. In a city where umbrellas magically appear on every busy corner during a rainstorm, you can imagine a few of these become disposable. One big gust of wind can create all new types of umbrella forms, most of which get tossed onto the curb. My favorite in her collection had been run over many times by traffic until even the metal handle became paper thin. Christina also presented a collection of “Pen Test Papers” which she gathered from stationers and art stores.

Collector Portrait 015

Collector Portrait 014

Harley “Inspector Collector” Spiller with his line up of fortune teller hand bills. Harley also created an impromptu workshop where guests could design their own hand bills on-site. An excellent way to bulk up his collection with such a sizable crowd on hand!

Collector Portrait 013

Here is New York’s famous WFMU disc jockey, Fabio. Instead of spinning vinyl, on this night Fabio was playing a sample of his 8-track recordings, “the failed format.” Fabio is also a co-owner of Williamsburgh’s favorite record store, “Earwax,” on Bedford Avenue and North 5th Street.

Collector Portrait 012

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Eddie Gonzales of the Classic Riders Bicycle Club. Eddie rolled with his 1964 Schwinn Jaguar and his vintage Schwinn Orange Krate chopper. Both bikes where cutom restored with original parts by Eddie. He also brought in an impressive collection of G.I. Joe action figures (remember the old big ones?) and Hot Wheel cars. In Puerto Rico, racing Hot Wheel cars on custom made tracks is a popular pastime.

Collector Portrait 011

Mr. Bill Scanga presents his Museum for the Collection of Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Figurines (M.C.E.B.E.F.) and the Parenthetical Eyeball Project (P.E.P.) Notice the high-grade, professional quality display case featuring an undetermined mass of occular figurines. Of course, being the Reliquary’s V.P. of Collections, Bill had to represent a high class presentation!