Drawing Perspective: The Cartoon Genius of Burris Jenkins Jr.

On View March 8 to May 31, 2014

“A well thought out cartoon can tell the reader the story in a second.”
– Burris Jenkins

Long before Colbert and Stewart, satirical cartoons were the sharpest arrows in the quiver of those who endeavored to inform and persuade the public. The new exhibit Drawing Perspective: The Cartoon Genius of Burris Jenkins Jr. examines cartoons published in New York City during the mid-20th century.

Around a dozen original drawings by master cartoonist, Burris Jenkins Jr. will be displayed, each accompanied by insightful descriptions.

The exhibit focuses on cartoon panels published in The New York Journal (later Journal-American). A writer as well as an artist, the influential power of Jenkins’ work lies in his narrative prowess; every panel on display is as much a full story as a gag. Jenkins was versatile, able to switch hats from political satirist to courtroom illustrator, and he is remembered as one of America’s favorite sports cartoonists.

Jenkins was an artist with his finger on the pulse of so many different veins of public consciousness, who believed “cartoonists should be on the level and not hold anything back” from a public who “had to believe again that a newspaper can have ideals and heart.”

The original illustrations exhibited in Drawing Perspective come from the carefully curated collection of Chris Engel, an avid collector of original illustrations.

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