8 Reasons To Come to Bicycle Fetish Day

Domes For Haiti's awesome twin rider in action

1. You can ride crazy bikes like Domes For Haiti’s twin rider. Photo by Scoboco

2. You can hang out with disco Pee Wee. Photo by Eric Harvey Brown from Smosh

Bike Fetish Day in Flight

3. There are BMX tricks

4. Name aside, it’s family friendly. Really! Photo by Scobo

Bike Fetish Day Toddler

5. See, even really little kids come! Photo by Jaime NYC

6. There will be a visit from the Classic Riders bicycle club and their immaculate Schwinns. Photo by gudphoto.com

A man rides a very little bike at Bike Fetish Day

7. We’ve got nothing to add here. This is awesome. Photo by Scobo.

8. Did we mention the cool bikes you can ride? Photo by Alfalfa Studios.

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