13th Annual Panorama Challenge Questions & Answers

We have been slipped a copy of the highly classified MASTER QUESTION & ANSWER SHEET from the 13th Panorama Challenge, held live last Friday from the New York City Panorama at the Queens Museum in Brooklyn.

Presented without edits:


1) Nora Lum, better known as Awkwafina, grew up here – where her show is set. The Ramones AND  Simon and Garfunkel went to the high school named for the neighborhood, although Nora did not.  Name the neighborhood

Forest Hills

Pro follow-upIn January 2020 Awkwafina was ‘the voice’ of the 7 train which terminates at the station in this predominantly Asian neighborhood. Pros, name the last station on the 7 line.

Flushing-Main Street MUST HAVE MAIN STREET

2) Awkwafina co-starred in a 2018 crime caper that centered on a jewel heist, here. Name the movie.

Ocean’s 8

Pro follow-up
The action focused on infiltrating a fete in a famous space formerly named for which disgraced pharma family. Pros, name the family.


3) The beverage Aquafina is a brand owned by a company with a landmark here in Queens. Name the company.


Pro follow-upAquafina is bottled here, in this Queens neighborhood. Pros, what is the neighborhood’s name?

College Point


4) Originally pitched to the Bravo network as Manhattan Moms, the first four seasons of which hit series featured Alex – and in an unusual twist for the show, her devoted husband Simon. In another unusual twist, they lived here, in Brooklyn. Name the Bravo series.

Real Housewives (of New York) (of New York City) (RHONY)

Pro follow-up
They lived five blocks away from a park named for an unusual founding father, Charles Carroll. He was the only signer of the Declaration of Independence of what faith?


5) While Serena and Blair and Chuck lived in Manhattan, Jenny and Dan lived in Brooklyn, here, in which 2007 to 2012 ‘teen’ CW series? XOXO, name the show.

Gossip Girl

Pro follow-up
This neighborhood is notable for the factories built for Robert Gair. He made his fortune manufacturing commonplace items.  Pros, what did he manufacture?

(corrugated) Cardboard boxes

6) From 2011 to 2017 a CBS series, starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, told the story of a pair of waitresses working at a diner, here. Name the series.

Two Broke Girls

Pro follow-up
Williamsburg was named for Jonathan Williams. Pros, what service did Williams perform for property owner Richard Woodhull? 


FAME (Musical Category)

7) Name the Bronx-born artist who won the Oscar for this song (PAUSE FOR MUSIC) from the 1980 movie Fame, which featured an iconic dance scene in the streets, here. Who was the singer?

Irene Cara

Pro follow-up
The film related the stories of students at the School of Performing Arts, now here, and currently named for which New York City politician? Pros, name the politician.

(Fiorello) LaGuardia

8) Which New York-raised actor, heard here, (PAUSE FOR MUSIC) graduated from the same high school in 2013. Name the actor you just heard.

Timothee Chalamet

Pro follow-up
While at high school he dated a classmate, the daughter of an iconic pop star. Her mom was, in 1985 famously rejected by the co-op board at the San Remo, here, perhaps because of her volatile soon-to-be husband. Pros, name the mom.

Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone)

9) This 1975 song was a hit for David Bowie, (PAUSE FOR MUSIC) thanks to an assist from a NYC resident who lived here.Name the artist who shares songwriting credit and can be heard as a backup singer. 

John Lennon

Pro follow-up
The track was recorded here, in Greenwich Village, at the West 8th Street studio of which famous musician who died five years earlier? Pros, name the musician.

(Jimi) Hendrix

WOMEN IN SONG (Musical Category)

10) The actress who sang this song (PAUSE FOR MUSIC) won an Oscar for her role in the movie set in this neighborhood. Name the actress.

Rita Moreno

Pro follow-up
After her Oscar victory she won a Grammy, a Tony and an Emmy. Only two other people could claim an EGOT before her: Helen Hays and a composer who has a theater named for him, here. TIMES SQUARE It’s currently Hamilton’s home. Pros, give us the first and last name of the composer.

Richard Rodgers NEEDS BOTH NAMES

11) Amy Adams sings and dances through New York City and this park CENTRAL PARK in which 2007 Disney movie? Name the movie.


Pro follow-up
The finale of this musical number (PAUSE FOR MUSIC) takes place in front of a sculpture created by the first woman to receive a public art commission in New York City. Pros, name the sculptor.

Emma Stebbins

12) Which artist from here, hit it big in 2017 with this track? (PAUSE FOR MUSIC) Name the artist. 

Cardi B

Pro follow-up
She claims her thick accent comes from staying with her Dominican grandmother in this famously Dominican neighborhood north of Sugar Hill. Pros, name the neighborhood.

Washington Heights


13) Colin Jost grew up in Grymes Hill, here, but went to a very selective free high school here. Another New Yorker, with a record 17,000 hours on television was named for the school. Which Catholic school is it?

Regis (High School)

Pro follow-up
Grymes Hill is home to a school which was recently in the news for their basketball team. The Seahawks made it to the NCAA Basketball Tournament, only to be defeated by the Tar-heels in the first round. Pros, name the college.

Wagner College

14) Before he made a splash and got big, this 10-time SNL host made his industry debut filming here, on Staten Island. Name the frequent SNL host and star of the horror flick “He Knows You’re Alone”

Tom Hanks

Pro follow-up
They filmed at the shopping plaza, here, located alongside a 14-mile-long boulevard, the longest street on the island. The Plaza and Boulevard are both named for the Mayor between Mitchel and Walker.Pros, name the Mayor.

(John F) Hylan

15) Pete Davidson is another SNL star from Staten Island. His father’s name can be found here, at the northern tip of Staten Island at this memorial. Who does the memorial honor?

(Staten Island) Victims of 9/11/01 NOT FIREFIGHTERS

Pro follow-up
In 2021 Pete brought then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian on a date to the restaurant Campagna in this, the southernmost neighborhood in New York State.Pros, name the neighborhood.

TottenvilleIt’s the 13th Panorama Challenge, does that make it unlucky? Regardless, that’s the first category of the second half!


16) Talk about unlucky: Andrew Haswell Green was murdered outside his home, here, on Friday the Thirteenth in a case of mistaken identity! He was best known for his 1898 accomplishment. What was that signature accomplishment?

Consolidation of NYC/Creation of the Five Boros/Greater New York

Pro follow-up
Pros, Green is honored here, with what sort of memorial?


17) In 1997, Kathleen Caronna, was watching the Thanksgiving Parade, here, and was hit in the head by a streetlamp knocked over by which balloon?

Cat in the Hat

Pro follow-up
In 2006, Kathleen Caronna’s apartment caught fire just before she returned home, because an airplane crashed into her building, here 72 & EAST RIVER. Pros, what was notable about the pilot of that aircraft?

Corey Lidle/MLB/Yankees player/pitcher

18) In 1939, Yankees’ first baseman Lou Gehrig declared himself ‘the luckiest man on the face of the earth’ here, despite being diagnosed with a debilitating and soon-to-be fatal case of ALS. Gehrig was a graduate ofwhich local University?


Pro follow-up
Gehrig played a record 2,130 consecutive games after replacing which unlucky player who asked to be benched for the day due to a headache?Pros, who was the player he replaced?

Wally Pipp


19) The Nereid Avenue station, here, is named for the fifty sea nymphs of Greek mythology. One of them gave birth to a Homeric hero who shares his name with the organization that helps disabled runners participate in the NYC Marathon. Name the organization.

Achilles (International)Pro follow-up
The station is at the intersection of Nereid Avenue and a road that runs the length of the Bronx from Classon Point to Wakefield but is named for a city 10 miles away, which it does not reach. Pros, what is the name of the City the road is named for?

White Plains

20) Lou Reed, Neil Gaiman and Harvey Keitel have all been named King Neptune at ‘the nation’s largest art parade’, held since 1983, a few blocks from the Neptune Avenue F station. What is the name of the parade?

Mermaid Parade

Pro follow-up
In 1995, the MTA changed the station name to Neptune Ave. Pros, what was the name of the second (edit: actually third to last – didn’t make a difference in the end) to last station on the F train before 1995? SPELLING COUNTS!

Van Sicklen (NEEDS K)

21) Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson starred in a 1995 movie about a near-mythological subway train. One of its final scenes was set in a station here. Name the movie.

Money Train

Pro follow-up
That now-defunct mysterious train terminated here, at 370 Jay Street. When the building was built in 1951 the MTA did not exist. Pros, from 1951-1953 which agency ran the subways from the offices located above the tracks at Jay Street?

(NYC) Board of Transportation (NYCBOT)


22) This neighborhood and Staten Island Railroad station was most likely named after a Lake District town where the poet Wordsworth ‘wandered lonely as a cloud’ What’s the neighborhood’s name?


Pro follow-up
This neighborhood is home to the Island’s most notable daily newspaper, purchased by S.I. Newhouse in 1922. Pros, name the newspaper.

The (Staten Island) AD-vance

23) In 2010 a sporty English prince appeared here, to participate in a polo match. Name the prince.

(Prince) Harry

Pro follow-up
In 2023, another English prince visited the Island to pursue a project to bring back a bivalve to the waters surrounding the city.Pros, name the project.

Billion Oyster Project

24) The steps here are seen in the J-Lo film Maid in Manhattan as well as what 2019 movie? This question doesn’t have an ‘Anglo answer’. No kidding. Name the 2019 flick.


Pro follow-up
Pros, the steps connect Anderson Ave to a very ‘Anglo’ Avenue. The street in question begins at Jerome Ave and runs north to Featherbed Lane and is named for which English writer?

(William) Shakespeare


25) A big apple appeared 215 times last year, here, just past the centerfield wall. What event made the apple appear?

Mets Homerun (MUST HAVE METS)

Pro follow-up
The orange in the Mets uniform is derived from what other team’s colors? Pros, name the other team.


26) One of the founding fathers wrote a letter from Paris lamenting the absence of his favorite apple, a Pippin, which shares its first name with this creek, here. What’s the ‘first name’ of the Pippin?


Pro follow-up
For a while this founding father lived on Maiden Lane. There’s now a plaque marking the location of his former home. Pros, name the founding father.

(Thomas) Jefferson

27) The ‘flagship’ home of a big Apple is here, at the intersection of Amsterdam and Broadway, in a landmark building designed by York & Sawyer. What is this Apple’s business?


Pro follow-up
Edward York and Philip Sawyer first collaborated on a project for Vassar College while at the firm that designed the master plan for this University, here. Pros, name they firm they left to strike out on their own.

McKim Mead & White


28) In late 2022 on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, John Reeves claimed that thousands of tusks were dumped here in the East River. What kind of tusks did he claim they were?

(Woolly) Mammoth NOT MASTODON

Pro follow-up
Reeves claims the tusks – and other bones – were dumped off East 65th Street, here,  next to America’s ‘first biomedical research center’. Pros, which institution claims that title?

Rockefeller University (or Institute) (or Hospital)

29) While allegedly carrying millions in gold the HMS Hussar sank in 1780 after hitting Pot Rock, between Hallet’s Point and this, the southernmost of what were once three islands. Three years after the sinking it took the name of its new owners: the brothers Jaspar and Bartholomew.What was their last name?


Pro follow-up
From the 1840’s until 1892 a hospital on this island, in conjunction with facilities off the coast of Staten Island and at the southern tip of Manhattan was part of a system that sought to manage and treat a specific type of patient. Pros, what kind of patients did this system endeavor to treat?

Arriving/new immigrants

30) Everyone knows Captain Sully’s name since he landed Flight 1549, here, in the Hudson River, but do you remember the name of the airline he was flying for?Name the defunct carrier.

US Air(ways)

Pro follow-up
The plane eventually arrived at its first destination for that day. It’s now in an aviation museum – named for Sully – at the airport in what city? Pros, name the city Sully was flying to – and where the plane resides today.


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