Mediocre Portraits of Outstanding People by George Ferrandi

In this digital exhibition, the City Reliquary’s neighborhood artist-in-residence, George Ferrandi, takes to Instagram Live for an hour on Fridays at 8 pm EDT to create a sketch of an reflect on someone who has been influencing her thinking this week during this remarkable cultural moment.

During this series, George will be listening to and learning from Black thinkers while attempting to honor them through portraiture, and sharing the experience live with our audience.

Join us each Friday at 8 pm on the City Reliquary’s Instagram Stories to watch a new portrait in progress – draw along if you like! – and listen to and learn from these visionary ideas. The live video will be archived on our Instagram page and the completed portraits will be archived in this album on our Flickr page and on our website.

Week 1: Civil rights lawyer and legal scholar Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. While drawing this portrait on Instagram Live, George and our audience listened to a conversation between Michelle Alexander and Angela Davis about the need to take active steps toward creating a more just society, and how these can be achieved.