Links from the Neighborhood
Here is a list of some our members' outside projects and some of our frineds from the neighborhood. We're still under construction here at the virtual Reliquary. So, please drop us a line if you'd like your link included.

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum

The Museum of Jurassic Technology


The Brooklyn Arts Council

Materials for the Arts

The New York Public Library

Cinders Art Gallery

The Desk Set

First of all, the City Reliquary web designer, Jesse James Arnold, is certainly not earning his income from this non-profit organization. He has however started a successful furniture design company with two other friends of ours, Sam Kragiel and Nikki Frazier. They are proud members of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.
You can also see more examples of Jesse's virtual web work at

V.P. George Ferrandi is also a gifted statue restoration artist. Check out her site for the best saint salvation in the North Eastern region. Really.
And you can see samples of her work as a fine artist at

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