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Community Collections: The Animal Bones of Jamison Heldrich

Opens December 8, 2016

The City Reliquary proudly presents the Community Collections display of animal bones from Jamison Heldrich. The arrangement of these bones emphasizes their symmetry and demonstrates the inherent beauty in things typically associated with death and the macabre.

Jamison’s collection began with a small skull found during a visit to a farm with a few friends. Since then, she’s grown her collection, finding bones in hiking trails, garages, barns, and the occasional Brooklyn basement. With the exception of a few items that were gifted, Jamison found all of the bones herself. None of the bones are from animals that were hunted or otherwise killed for their parts. Jamison likes to say that her collection is entirely “vegan” since no animals were harmed in order to obtain them (and Jamison herself is a practicing vegan).

Baby, I’ve Got Your Money: The Out-of-Print Foreign Currency Collection of Alex Schneider

Baby, I’ve Got Your Money:
The Out-of-Print Foreign Currency Collection of Alex Schneider
Opens July 21, 2016

Alex Schneider 1

The City Reliquary proudly presents the Community Collections display of mostly out-of-print foreign currency from Alex Schneider. The coins and paper bills exhibited possess little monetary value, but they remind us of the diversity of our city and the beauty that can hide in common everyday objects. Check out a few details from this amazing archive of obsolete legal tender:

THurd THursday & New Shows at CR

Hello Friends of The City Reliquary,

We are happy to announce the return of our spectacular THurd THursdays events. This week, on THursday January 21st, from 7:00-10:00 PM we will host a reception for TWO new exhibits at the museum.

In our Exhibition Hall, we are proud to announce the opening of “Company Journals of the Southside Firehouse”
An exhibit of historic logbooks detailing the daily work of Williamsburgh companies Engine 221 and Hook & Ladder 104 since the turn of the century, beautifully hand-written with fountain pen in calligraphic form and displayed with photographic and printed support materials of the era; Curated by Firefighter Patrick D’Emic L104.

Also, in the COMMUNITY COLLECTIONS window we are proud to present, Amanda B. Friedman’s Unicorn Collection.

We hope you’ll join us THis THurd THursday at 7:00 for refreshments courtesy of the Brooklyn Brewery.

This THurd THursday

Its time again for our monthly THurd THursday event again. We have a terrific line up for you, featuring:

In the Exhibition Hall:
Opening reception of Miss Subways, Past and Present, with current photographic portraits of the past Miss Subways by Fiona Gardner, along side archival photographs and posters. View a sample of Fiona’s work or visit the NY Times slideshow

In the Community Collection Window:
Closing reception of Amy Von Harrington’s Copper Mold Collection. Come see this spectacular eye-catching display during its last few days on view in our front window display case.

In the Urban Greenspace (aka; backyard)
The amazingly talented band, Frankenpine. This band has been described as a blend of folk, indie, and bluegrass which may help to explain their namesake: the large cellular towers thinly veiled with semi-realistic tree limbs. Frankenpine is also native to our corner of Williamsburgh having been founded on and recorded their first album here on Havemeyer Street.  Don’t miss these hometown heroes! For a sample of their music go to:
Expect an even more impressive live presence in our own backyard! (Band @ 7:30 PM)

And of course:
Brooklyn Brewery beers for just $3 a bottle!

Hope to see you at the next THURD THURSDAY, September 17th from 7-10 PM at your community museum, The City Reliquary.