FIRE SALE: New York City Firefighter Date-Auction

Fire Sale

The City Reliquary Presents:
FIRE SALE: New York City Firefighter Date-Auction
One HOT Benefit!
February 18th 2010, 6 – 10pm

WILLIAMSBURGH, BROOKLYN: The horns are blaring, the people are cheering, and a handful of New York City Firemen are in the heat . . . of the spotlight for the City Reliquary’s upcoming benefit. You read that right – the City Reliquary, home of such salacious artifacts as vintage subway tokens and World’s Fair Memorabilia – are having a Date Auction. But not just any Date Auction – a FIRE SALE: New York City Firefighter Date-Auction; One HOT Benefit! – a real life opportunity to take one of New York’s Bravest out on the town for a night of romance and adventure. Who knows – they might let you taste their three-alarm chili! Firefighters from Williamsburgh’s 35 Batalion and beyond will be there for your perusal . . .

The City Reliquary’s Firefighter Date-Auction; One HOT Benefit also coincides with our current exhibit – Company Journals of the Southside Firehouse, curated by Firefighter Patty D’Emic of Hook and Ladder 104.

Because this event is simply too hot for our community museum, the Date Auction will take place at the Knitting Factory, at 361 Metropolitan Avenue, immediately across from The City Reliquary. Doors open at 6 and the Auction begins at 7. All proceeds from the door will go to help the City Reliquary raise direly needed operational expenses. Help us reach our seasonal goal of $20,000 by treating yourself to a hot date while you keep YOUR community museum from extinction.

FIRE SALE: New York City Firefighter Date-Auction; One HOT Benefit!
February 18th 2010, 6-10pm Doors open at 6, event begins at 7:30pm.
Admission: $20 and up, with all proceeds going to the City Reliquary
Firefighters: Bring ID for drink specials!

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  1. roxanne vega says:

    Interested in participating in auction

  2. Terry says:

    As a child, I was always dreaming to be a firefighter. It is my dream job and I have never thought to be something else except a firefighter. I remember watching the news where the group of men in red uniform went it the building bravely to save the people. It was so cool and I want to be that cool as well. I am trying to be one myself and I did a lot of research on how to become a firefighter online and that’s how they brought me to your website. I enjoy reading your post and I wish to learn more from you. Please continue to post as I will be back for more. Thank you very much!

  3. Cherelle Gallivan says:

    Great information :)

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