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Heroes of the Knish covered in the Forward!

Photo Credit: Barbara Pfeffer

Photo Credit: Barbara Pfeffer

Our upcoming exhibition, Heroes of the Knish just received this excellent writeup in the Forward! Don’t miss the opening reception this Sunday, Feb. 12 @ 2 PM!

The Forward is a periodical delivering incisive coverage of the issues, ideas and institutions that matter to American Jews. Now in its 120th year of operation, and with digital and print editions in both English and Yiddish, the Forward reaches more than 1.2 million average monthly users. Its public service mission is to promote an informed, connected and inspired American Jewish citizenry through outstanding journalism.

Bedford + Bowery covers Beyond Patience & Fortitude!


Bedford + Bowery has published a fantastic review of Beyond Patience & Fortitude, our event series in political advocacy and civic engagement!

From the article:
“City Reliquary is here to help with a new series that promises to make you feel less ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about democratic citizenry.”

Read more here! And learn more about our series in raising awareness, combating prejudice, and encouraging us all to be the most civic New Yorkers we can be!


Life of an American Ruin on NY1!

NY1’s Roger Clark talks to Us about Life of an American Ruin!

Courtesy of Marco Catini, 2012

Courtesy of Marco Catini, 2012

Roger Clark talks with curator and Reliquary manager Sarah Celentano and Reliquary founder Dave Herman about our latest exhibition, Life of an American Ruin: Philip Johnson’s New York State Pavilion!

Check out the video!

National Trust for Historic Preservation on Life of an American Ruin!


The National Trust for Historic Preservation has covered our exhibition on the New York State Pavilion, Life of an American Ruin!

From the article:

“…the exhibit asks an important question about balancing reinvention with restoration:

‘Strolling through the exhibition, visitors will get the opportunity to see the structure during its heyday at the World’s Fair, as well as in its present, ruined state. While vintage photos do exist online, the exhibition specifically asks viewers to consider the importance of ruins in the modern age, and whether or not an architectural icon should be reinvented to fit in the current cultural landscape.'”

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio at CR!

“In a city where large, iconic museums and galleries dominate the cultural landscape, The City Reliquary stands proudly as an alternative site of interest, and one with an arguably richer and more impactful story to tell.”

A designer from Martin Brudnizki Design Studio recently visited the Reliquary. Check out this fantastic Brudnizki blog post that resulted! All images of the museum are courtesy of Reliquary board member Anna O. Grant.

MBDS has designed some of the world’s most celebrated spaces, such as The Ivy, Soho Beach House Miami, Scott’s, and Cecconi’s West Hollywood.

io9 Interview with CR Founder Dave Herman!

On Monday, the fine folks from io9 spent some time at the Reliquary with founder Dave Herman. Check out the video below to see Dave guide them through the museum’s collections!

Visionary Streetscapes in the NY Times!

Check out this write-up of Visionary Streetscapes in the NY Times Arts section!

Visionary Streetscapes in Untapped Cities!

Untapped Cities says Visionary Streetscapes is one of February’s can’t-miss exhibitions!

Artnet coverage for Visionary Streetscapes

Our latest exhibition, Visionary Streetscapes, just got some attention from Artnet!