Collectors Night

Collector Portrait 011

Mr. Bill Scanga presents his Museum for the Collection of Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Figurines (M.C.E.B.E.F.) and the Parenthetical Eyeball Project (P.E.P.) Notice the high-grade, professional quality display case featuring an undetermined mass of occular figurines. Of course, being the Reliquary’s V.P. of Collections, Bill had to represent a high class presentation!

Collector Portrait 010

Here, Rose Bochansky is displaying her pyramid of canned mackerel brought in from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. A photo of her grocery store stack was featured in the New York Sun following the event! A closer look will reveal a cicada broach on her lapel. Serendipitously, the same broach was featured in Peter Arckle’s Cicada collection.

Collector Portrait 009

A well known N.Y.C. bicycle-guru, Dave Perry, displays one of his surprisingly non-bicycle related collections. Dave has been collecting these firecracker labels since childhood, and has quite a variety to prove it! BANG BANG! Happy New Year of the Rooster!

Collector Portrait 008

Featured in the front lobby was Peter Arckle’s divine Cicada collection. Who could have ever predicted the versitility of the cicada? Peter displayed cicadas of all kinds on books, hankerchiefs, a teapot, and so much more! I also love the clear label he provided. It reminds me of the grade school science fairs of yesteryear.

Collector Portrait 007

One of NYC’s most talented drummers, Ryan Sawyer was on hand displaying his extensive collection of Homies. These tiny figurines were originally designed for dispensing in plastic egg vending machines. Now, they are collected from various sites all over the world. The figures are often shown wearing hip clothing and representing various popular pastimes. Ryan, who also works as D.J. and a bartender, might make an excellent model for a future Homie!

Collector Portrait 006

V.P. of Operations, George Ferrandi, is always keeping things at the Reliquary in tip top, running condition. Tonight she also managed to juggle this impressive bandstand of PEZ dispensers! You may have seen some of these same PEZ featured last year on the cover of our local newspaper, The Greenpoint Star. Congratulations George, on an event completely free of the “domino-effect” in multiple regards!

Collector Portrait 005

Here Cal Patch, “V.P. of Seams” and creator of the famous C.R. sashes, shows off her Holly Hobbie collection. One of the best features is a light up drawing table. Now even you can draw Holly just like a pro! Yes, H.H. is in the hizzy.

Collector Portrait 004

The City Reliquary Resident Geologist, Nik Sokol, brought out his personal collections of rock core and seed pods to illustrate his interests in earth processes and decay. His first introduction included the donation of several astounding geological specimens. As a geologist, Nik has worked on the design and excavation for several monumental civil works essential to every New Yorker’s daily life. We are honored to have Nik on the Board of Directors at the C.R. Museum.

Collector Portrait 002

Taylor played two rolls at Collectors’ Night; exhibitor and technician. Here, we had a chance to see some amazing robots and Godzilla toys. These giant play creatures were made in Japan during the 1960’s and 70’s. Notice that Taylor is activating the extendable “tongue of fire” on one of the Godzillas. Thankfully, Taylor was able not only to stave off pending disaster with his creatures but also with the audio and visual equipment. This night required a great deal of switching between dvd players, slide projectors, cd players, microphones and more. Thanks for all your help manning the ship!

Collector Portrait 001

Ervin Mendez is a quintessential collector. When V.P. of Collections, Bill Scanga and I visited his home, we were amazed to see over 300 bobbleheads stacked from floor to ceiling. His favorite brand is “Funko” who makes an extensive array of old and new styles. Ervin also puts a great deal of effort into preservation and display of his collections. The specially designed boxes make for great stacking material and protect the contents as well. If you were in attendance, you may have also noticed his bright LED sign welcoming everyone to Collectors’ Night. Normally, this sign welcomes visitors to the collections in the back room of his apartment. Quite a site!